What I use the web for...

I primarily use the web for learning. I don’t use it very much for social media. I don’t use it that much for entertainment. I use it for learning. And I really can’t get over how ineffective I am at using the web for learning.

Even social media is learning. I use facebook to learn what my friends are up to. I use instagram to see what is hip in the world. I use pinterest to learn a new recipe.

I use the web to learn what the weather is, I use the web to learn how to code. I use the web to learn how to buy a house. I use the web to learn how to do my math homework. I use the web to learn how to play an instrument.

But why is it so hard to learn with the web? Why is it so painful to learn a thing like coding? Why are schools still successful when everything is out there on the web.

If I ever create a learning platform, it would have to solve some of the problems, but it can make one big assumption.

The big assumption is that all the information to learn something is out there somewhere on the internet, but that information has problems.

Problem 1…

Learning online lacks context. Or more specifically, the teacher lacks context of where I’m at in my learning. They don’t know what I know, and I don’t know what they think I know. That’s a big problem in learning. If the teacher doesn’t know what I know, it causes a big miss a lot of times. For instance, the teacher may write a tutorial thinking I know about Redis because Redis is common in large scale applications. But if I don’t know about Redis, I may be screwed on this tutorial, even if the content of your tutorial is great.

Problem 2…

Online learning lacks Feedback. I took a piano lesson the other day. My teacher gave me on the spot feedback of how I was doing, good and bad. When you watch a youtube video on how to play the piano, you don’t get that outsider expert point of view. It’s not interactive. Learning on the web lacks interactivity. Learning needs interactivity, the web needs better interactivity.

Problem 3…

Online learning lacks all important resources being in one spot. The web is scattered. Let’s say I want to learn about the programming language Ruby, or as my GF calls it, Ms. Ruby. Well if I type learn Ruby into a search engine, I get millions of results, one at the top, but no framework with which to accomplish the task of learning ruby.

The bottom line…

I want to type into some website: I want to learn how to build a website. And I want that website to return a curriculum of what I need to learn (milestones), and in what order I need to learn them. I also want that website to keep track of what I’ve accomplished. And I want the ability to ask for feedback on what I’ve done. I do not want to create any of the resources myself, because they are already out there, somewhere on the web somewhere.

I have an idea of how to create the platform I described above. I’m just trying to figure out if I’m passionate enough about it to put in the incredible amount of effort it will require to create it.

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