What I learned today

A lot of times I feel like I’ve wasted my entire day. The day ends and I’ve got nothing done as far as code. However, I’m always learning.


Egghead is the best. GREAT React Tutorial



  1. A static server is simply a server that delivers static assets (images, styles, pages without logic)
  2. eslint checks your javascript
  3. git push heroku release:master to push release branch to heroku’s master – very cool.


  1. I learned about vim surround. yss*. surrounds an entire line with boldness
  2. I learned about vim fugative and created a bunch of vim keyboard shortcuts for them… all documented in Vim fugative blog post
  3. I learned about ES6 and documented that in ES6. ES6
  4. I learned about ctags and gf (global find). If I’m in a javascript file and I want to find a file that is referenced at. gf will go to the file that it is referencing.
  5. ue will open ultisnips edit which will help me get into editing ultisnippets.

I want to put this new vim knowledge to use. I still haven’t gotten great tags implementation for javascript. gf seems to work pretty well. Ctags are not automatically being generated for javascript. Ctags…

One of the challenges is that my blog is getting bigger. It’s not as easy to navigate to where I had stuff. Stuff is all related and could be in different places. I don’t like it.

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