Vim vs. Submlime (My favorite Sublime commands in vim)

I kept going back to Sublime for a few reasons.

  1. CMD + SHIFT + F for in-file search
  2. Sublime’s Ease to open Multiple Files


When in Vim Normal mode, I can use \ to open up an Ack search.

Ack is

It depended on ack which needs to be installed via brew install ack

I add this to my vimrc to use ag. ag is faster thanack`.

if executable('ag')
  let g:ackprg = 'ag --vimgrep'

ack.vim adds an interface to vim to use ack, in our case ag.

:Ack [options] {pattern} [{directories}]

\ derp app/models

Once you perform an Ack serach, it opens a window, these commands r available

?    a quick summary of these keys, repeat to close
o    to open (same as Enter)
O    to open and close the quickfix window
go   to preview file, open but maintain focus on ack.vim results
t    to open in new tab
T    to open in new tab without moving to it
h    to open in horizontal split
H    to open in horizontal split, keeping focus on the results
v    to open in vertical split
gv   to open in vertical split, keeping focus on the results
q    to close the quickfix window

This depends upon first and foremost: Ag Search., which I believe I have installed via homebrew.

I then installed which is a vim plugin, that allows you to search all kinds of awesome stuff like snippets

This plugin requires

Open Multiple Files

:FZF [my_file_name], then hit SHIFT + TAB to highlight multiple files for opening.

I need a better framework for learning how new vim commands.

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