Understanding Obama Care As A Traveler

  1. I have only one primary care doctor that I can see. It must be within the state of my policy.
  2. I can see any specialist that is under contract with my Insurance company… if that specialist is in WI.

Blood work is covered under the plan, if I find an in-network lab company.

You’re completely out of luck if you’re traveling and need to see a Specialist, Primary Care doctor or getting blood work done. Best bet is going to Urgent Care.

Emergencies If I’m out of state, or even out of country, I’m covered if I go to the hostpital. So in an emergency situation, make sure I go to the hostpital and have them bill my insurance company. Then call my insurance company to ensure they got the claim from the hospital.

If you’re still scared, look into travel insurance. If for no other reason than buying time. The hospital can bill the travel insurance company and you won’t have to fuck with maxing out credit cards or getting declined by having a large charge in a foreign country. In other words, you’ll get your care and kick the patient responsibility can down the road. Basically having insurance gives you time to get your bearings straight in an emergency.

Travel Insurance Resources http://www.travelinsure.com/




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