Back in July 2015, when I packed up my car with all my belongings, and drove West, I made a mistake. One might call this a “wrong”. Not a huge mistake, but a massive mistake. I grabbed the wrong lid to my water bottle. Yep, seriously a life changing mistake. I didn’t realize I made this wrong move until I took the first sip from my water bottle and I leaked water all over myself.

That was wrong number 1. And because I created wrong number 1, I also created wrong number 2. Another water bottle at my parent’s house also had the wrong lid. Rendering both water bottles completely useless!!

So here we have one water bottle with the wrong lid located in Salt Lake City, UT. And we have another water bottle with the wrong lid in Pewaukee, WI. Two wrongs.

So I simply went back to Wisconsin, picked up the other water bottle. Reunited both water bottles that had been wronged, and made it all right once again. Two wrongs did make it right, this time.

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