Twitter Bot InR uby

I just deployed my first Twitter Bot for Clash Progress. At the current time I supply the users to the bot, it finds their most favorited tweet over the last 5 days, and retweets it. But what I found out is Rails makes a lot of things easy for you, and also stupifies you. So I wanted to build this incredibly simple bot with Ruby.

Problems I ran into

What files do I need for a basic Application? We’re talking bare bones. We need… 1. Gemfile 2. Procfile 3. Rakefile

The procfile wasn’t running by default… For some reason heroku didn’t recognize the

Not Recognizing the Rake Task

$ heroku run rake bot2 Running rake bot2 on clashprogress-twitterer… up, run.4208 rake aborted! Don’t know how to build task ‘bot2’

FAAAAAAK –> All that means is I’ve gotta create the rake task bot2, or there is an error with the rake task.

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