Fuck the Rules from 2012

My Macbook ran out of hard drive space this morning and I decided to look around the hard drive and find files to delete. I stumbled upon a 14 page word document I wrote back in 2012. This was a time when I was trying to figure out life outside of video games and life spent around people. It had all sorts of stories about my ideal life, why I wasn’t living that life now, why I didn’t have a gf and what I thought I needed to do to change my life into something I actually wanted to live. Fairly interesting to look back at it nearly 4 years later.

I quit video games back in 2011 and I really didn’t know anything about anything, but I came to a realization that I didn’t like where I was at and I decided to make some changes. But of this 14 page document, my favorite line of the whole document was the last line. I think it correctly sums up the entirety of this blog. Here is the line…

I’ve lived life “by the rules.” By the book. Fuck the book. Fuck the rules. Why do I have so many fucking rules?

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