the new code for a life

What is the point of all this? Code For Life has gone through a lot of iterations. In fact, despite maybe not being at all a better coder, I’ve matured a little bit. This blog here. Which is now a static site. Don’t judge my grammar, dicks, haha. My therapist once told me I cared too much about what other poeple thought. This is my blog to not give a fuck about what you, or anyone thinks. This blog is my therapy.

This blog was once a wordpress site. This blog was once a ghost blog This blog was once a ghost blog hosted on heroku This blog is now and will continue to be a static site. …… UPDATE 01/21/2016 I almost decided to move it back to ghost and heroku. But then I said NO!


Static sites are the shit. Middleman is awesome. Rob Martin was right, build your blog as a static site.

I’ve now got this blog, a wordpress blog, a heroku api, and a heroku app. Soon I’ll also have an iPhone application. Except when I go talk to potential employers all I can say is the most der'idy shit. I play myself down way too much. I need to just tell them I’m the shit.

That reminds me of Luca, an Italian trying to learn English, said ‘I am a shit’ instead of 'I am the shit’.

That was hilarious. Good times in Bali.

I’m sick of some things on the web. Bootstrap is one of them. I’m going to attempt to learn Sass and things. Fuck css, so annoying. You can’t even fucking vertically center anything. Something so simple in our minds, makes computers and web browsers flip a shit.

You know those people who say, don’t post anything online that you wouldn’t want on the front page of a news paper? Lol, I guess I wouldn’t mind my middle finger on the front page of the newspaper. A middle finger

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