Skills Gap

What do I need to learn to be job ready/coder ready?

Amazingly after years of learning, I’ve still got a skills gap. It’s time to close the gap.


Git Rebasing, Git Merging Pull Requests, Git creating pull requests This can be found on my Git page. Not that hard. Should implement this strategy for ClashProgress


Testing Views, Testing Controllers, FactoryGirl

Tertiary skills

Background Jobs

It’s actually not much at all anymore. Stuff I could probably knock out this upcoming week.

Other Holdbacks

  1. Code Samples
  2. Contribution to open source projects

To work on #1, I should spend more time refactoring clash progress rather than creating new features. Some of the things that are holding me back are…

Now that I know a great git workflow, it’s also possible to begin contribution to open source projects

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