Shithole Tuts!

I believe my next venture will by I would feel better if I promise nothing and deliver something decent. Rather than trying to promise the world and people getting discouraged, we help people build something great.

I can tell everyone about this idea because it’s so horrible no one would ever ever ever dream to copy it.

The idea would be I’m not trying to impress anyone. I don’t like editing videos. I just like putting stuff out there. Then people can vote upon the videos, up or down.

Or maybe just start incredibly simply? Maybe just start putting the videos on here as a trial.

Well I grabbed the domain,

I could have a course. If I don’t have to worry about video editing, I can produce a lot more content. I can show the errors I run into. There is some value in that less-than-polished video. Coders fear live coding, maybe it’s time to embrace it. It’s the part no one sees when you’re learning. The struggles. If I could also annotate the video very simply. Error, Error Solved. Then it can help people quickly jump from area to area.

I keep talking about this, but don’t take any action. Maybe it’s time to finally take action. I’m done with I enjoyed working on it, but I’m done. Time to move on to another thing. I can then say, I’m the owner of I could become an author.

So let’s create a cirriculum for elixir.

  1. Installing elixir
  2. Opening up the elixir shell
  3. Shit. What next?
  4. Load a file into iex
  5. go through documentation -> elixir,

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