React Native ERRYTHING

What pisses me off is that I did all this SHIT to learn React Native back in January. I didn’t write shit down on my blog, and now I’m running into the SAME ASS PROBLEM I RAN INTO BEFORE. THE SAME EXACT ONE. It took me a while to figure out the solution last time. The solution was hidden in some crevice in the ass-crack of the internet, I guess it’s time to find that fucking crevice yet again.

React Native is simply a way to code Native iPhone or Android Applications using React Code. Why use React Native? It should look “familiar” if you’re already getting down with React Native’s Sister, React. They ain’t identical twins, but related.

People in the past (and idiots continue to do this [phone gap]) would port web javascript into an iPhone application. This would effectively create an iPhone application that runs a web browser and then inserts your code into it. I just downloaded an application the other day that did this and the user experience is LESS THAN ENJOYABLE.

I want some ribs.

Anyways. That’s where the NATIVE part comes into React Native. It’s Native because React Native Compiles into Native iPhone code.

The third benefit is code re-usability. So when you code in React Native, SUPPOSEDLY (YET TO BE SEEN BY ME) you can write very little code to get it “ready” to be an Android Application.

So instead of learning the native iPhone and Android coding languages (#PUKE), learn React Native and let them take care of compiling to all the other shat.

React Native Requires node, NPM, homebrew and other shit.

React Native is installed with npm

npm install -g react-native-cli

to get the latest version you gotta do some shit… some shit like this…

npm update -g react-native-cli

It’s like clit, without the t.

React Native Commands

react-native init AwesomeProject

Creates dat mofo project!

cd into that project directory and you can run other commands!!!!!!

react-native start

You must run react-native start to get it to reload the application.

react-native run-ios

Yea… that command doesn’t fucking work for me. The alternative is…

Opening xCode, Open the [project_name].xcodeproj, then click run

That works. When you make an update to the application, go to the Simulator window and hit cmd+r to refresh and cmd+d to open up the developer tools.

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