oh my zsh, bash profile

Okay, so sometimes you want to edit your G-damn terminal window itself. I used to keep this configuration in ~/.bash_profile. But then I guess? I got smarter and I keep that shit in my oh-my-zsh file. (6 months later I don’t remember really why I switched it.) The oh-my-zsh ALSO controls which vim version I am pointing to at the end of the file.

Which on my computer is located at ~/.oh-my-zsh/oh-my-zsh.sh. I just updated it to us silver_search for fzf finding files.

So to really configure my terminal, it comes down to three files… 1) $MYVIMRC 2) ~/.tmux.conf 3) ~/.oh-my-zsh/oh-my-zsh.sh

I’m still slightly confused on how oh-my-zsh fits into everything. Well, here it is. The cause of this blog post was editing FZF to us SilverSearch ag (ha I get it, Silver is is ag on the periodic table). SilverSearch respects .gitignore, while FZF don’t give a fuuuuu. Well I wanted to use FZF with respect to the gitignore. But my understanding of FZF was from within vim. It just so happens that FZF is a terminal command, that happens to be used within vim. So one might think, I should edit $MYVIMRC, but in reality I need to edit my .oh-my-zsh.sh file because FZF really lives within the terminal. It just happens to visit vim and hang out there a lot. So I rightly put the edit export FZF_DEFAULT_COMMAND='ag -g ""' into my bash profile. Smart move batman and now it works, and it wasn’t painful to edit. I’m mostly amazed it worked just like the documentation said.

You know what? Building websites is boring to me. I’d rather use coding to help me be an awesome scientist of something like that. It sounds less profitable, but way more fun.

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