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This is a reminder doc intended to help me. You’re welcome to read it, but it will most likely not help you at all.

My Prefix Key

I set my prefix key as ALT+s, or M-s. This way my thumb can hit the alt key

Playing around with TMUX configuration without saving anything…

This is called the TMUX executable… and it can be run from the command line

$ tmux bind-key u split-window -> this command will split-window when I hit M-s -> u —> But it will be reset after all tmux sessions are closed

Using the Tmux executable from within Vim…

M-s -> : That opens up a Tmux command line…

Principles of TMUX Configuring

Where is the TMUX configuration file located? ~/.tmux.conf … and to edit -> vim ~/.tmux.conf

Reload the TMUX conf file… M-s -> r

How do I unbind a key? An example of unbinding the original prefix key… unbind M-b

bind-key w split-window => this will allow us to use M-s -> w to do a command

Set M-d to send keys and hit enter without using the prefix… bind-key -n M-d send-keys logout enter

Pane, Window and Session Naviation Commands

Jump between 2 Panes quickly M-\

Closing Pane in TMUX M-d

Create a new window M-s -> c

Select the second window M-s -> 2

Switch between two windows quickly M-s -> l

Switch between two sessions quickly M-s -> L

Move a pane to a new window (this is commonly used for starting the server, seeing that it works, then moving it to a new window) M-s -> b

Join a pane from a window into the current window (basically the opposite of the command above) M-s -> j

See a list of all TMUX sessions and switch to one of em M-s -> M-j

Display Pane indexes M-s -> q

Kill the tmux session, no matter what the fuck is open M-s -> K

Break out the currently navigated directory into a tmux session tat

Moving around in Copy Mode

Copy mode is M-s -> [

When in this mode I have access to vim-like file navigations… ctrl+u to go up half a page. Use v to enter visual mode, S+$ to highlight to the end of the line. Then use y to yank. That will bring you back to the normal window which is great!

To search upwards, use the ? key Enter to quit

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