Instagram Api And Ruby

I’d be a great teacher of coding if I wanted to put the effort into it. I guess that’s a lesson about life. My friend once said, I’d be as good at video games as you if I put as much time into it as you…. But here’s the reality…I’ve got the car that I won from playing video games because I put in the time while my friend does not. Derek Sivers says a fantastic idea without any action or implementation is worth about $20. But a good idea with good implementation is worth potentially millions. What I’m saying is, I could be a great teacher, but I’m not because I haven’t put in the effort. BUT here is WHY I think I’d be a great teacher of coding…. because ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ABOUT CODING IS FUCKING INTUATIVE TO ME. Seriously, you throw me one curve ball and I’m googling shit… FUCK.

The Rant: Instagram API

The reason for this post is I am attempting to work with the Instagram API for the second time. EVERYTHING IS A BATTLE. Do I use the Instagram Gem? Do I just use HTTParty to do the requests. Do I write the code in rails? or is that over kill? How do I authenticate with the api? And on and on. I remember nearly 10 months back, I’m working with the API with one of my instructors in Ruby on the Beach. And I specifically remember how shitty this one page of documentation was… … and here I am 10 months later. The page is still shit! Why is the page shit? Well it tells you a lot of great information. But it doesn’t tell you where the fuck to put it.

I was putting it in the wrong spot Until I stumbled across some question on Stack Overflow, I was putting the scope= parameter in the complete wrong area. But if I think back now, the scope= requires consent from the user. This means we need to fucking ask the user if he/she consents to having the application do stuff for us. It’s kinda like sex, you gotta get consent. And if you ask for consent at the wrong time, it doesn’t count. It’s a lot like sex. Sex…

Anyways, sex is great. Trying to work with the instagram api is like the opposite of sex. It fucking blows. Oh wait, that’s kinda like sex. Damn it.

Also, you want to make a fucking request on a hashtag… do you include the # in the url? Do you exclude it? Do you turn it into a version of # that the browser can understand?

So I’m going to give you the Instagram API half step. This will help you get OFF THE GROUND and working with the API. Where as all the other tutorials want you to shoot for the moon. Fuck fuck fuck…

The Instagram API half step


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