How to not write a SHITHOLE tutorial

Writing code tutorials is challenging. That’s why 95+ % of them suck major ass. In this case sucking major ass is a bad thing.

But some great tutorials exist out there. A great tutorial can teach a newb and an expert something new about a technology that the reader is trying to learn.

Core of a great tutorial

  1. A great tutorial eliminates other technologies from it. For instance, a tutorial about React that talks about Gulp before getting into React is a SHITHOLE TUTORIAL. A tutorial about Background Jobs that introduces Redis before talking about Delayed Job is a SHITHOLE TUTORIAL.

  2. A great tutorial succinctly explains challenging concepts.

  3. A great tutorial has a good balance of code and text

  4. A great tutorial starts off simple, then refactors the code into something more complex.

  5. A great tutorial is clear

  6. A great video tutorial is almost always better than a great text tutorial

  7. A great tutorial does not make assumptions that the reader understands something

  8. A great tutorial writer remembers what it’s like to be a confused noob

  9. A great tutorial writer explains the assumptions they are making about you as a reader

  10. A great tutorial writer provides a destination of the tutorial in the first paragraph describing where the tutorial is going. If your tutorial does not explain the end result of the tutorial in the beginning, it’s a SHITHOLE TUTORIAL.

How to be an asshole tutorial writer

  1. An asshole tutorial writer is a google seo expert who attains top ranks in google search but writes a tutorial that does not fucking work.

  2. An asshole tutorial writer uses lots of interdependent technologies so when one of them updates their tutorial is complete shit and doesn’t work.

  3. An asshole tutorial writer doesn’t finish their tutorial but publishes it anyways

Characteristics of an asshole tutorial writer who really deep down thinks they are a great tutorial writer…

  1. An asshole tutorial writer who thinks they are a great tutorial writer will provide you with a github repository containing example code. But this doesn’t work because that code only works within the provided environment, and not the current environment of the reader

  2. An asshole tutorial writer is most of the tutorial writers out there

I still think writing tutorials is a huge challenge because technology is always changing. And when technologies change your tutorial becomes shit. So writing tutorials is really a depreciating asset. So it’s hard to say I’m going to make a business out of something that depreciates as quickly as code tutorials.

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