Heroku Scaling - Dynos

What more could you want to know about scaling? https://devcenter.heroku.com/articles/scaling

That teaches you how to edit dynos.

Aight, if you’ve only got one dyno available (free plan) and you’re using that dyno.

Common Dyno Commands

  1. See what dynos are running $ heroku ps


  1. Kill a one off dyno $ heroku ps:stop run.7376


  1. Scale a Worker dyno $ heroku ps:scale worker=1

Now, if you’ve defined a Procfile, it’s possible that worker you’ve just scaled will run a rake command. Take the following Procfile worker: bundle exec rake => That means the worker will run that rake task. If that rake task produces an error, don’t expect heroku to tell you about it in any way.


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