A few months ago I was experiencing Heartburn. Ok, I experience it a lot, but really this time was different. When I experience heart burn, I just pop in a zegerid and I’m good to go. But, this time, I instead ate an orange. And when I ate that orange, it had the same effect as a zegerid. My stomach calmed and my heartburn went away.

What does this have to do with anything? Well instead of avoiding shit that might cause heartburn, how about eating more of the stuff that fixes it. All these peeps saying shit like don’t eat salsa cuz that will give you heartburn. Well I like salsa so screw your recommendation. Maybe instead of avoiding stuff that gives you heartburn, start embracing stuff that cures it.

Here’s the bigger picture tho… Instead of telling people to stop driving to help with air pollution, what if we had a particle that we could release into the air that would counter-act air pollution? I know nothing about chemistry, but it’s an idea.

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