Get Out Of Adobe Yearly Membership for free

HAHA! I feel like I just stuck it to the MAN!. In October, I signed up for Adobe’s Stock photo and after a couple months I realized I didn’t need it anymore and I wanted to cancel. I was paying $42 a month, and if I would have canceled it, I would have had to pay $21 a month for 10 months, or $210 in total for nothing. But here is how to get around it. Simply change your membership and then cancel it. This works because you can cancel for free if you cancel within 14 days of your membership.

So I went from the Stock Photo membership to the Photography Membership ($42 -> $10 / month). I, at first, thought that was a clever move because it would have lowered my total spend from $210 to $120. But then I noticed by doing that, it bumped up my renewal date to January 19th, 2016. This meant that I was now within 14 days of my initial sign up, and I could cancel for free! I feel like a hero to my finances!

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