Fuck airline and their fucking fees... never paying for another flight

fuck airlines. So I just flew from Ediburgh to Dublin to Chicago to Nashville, My first flight from Scotland to Dublin was delayed by 3 hours and I missed my flight originating in Dubin. I then proceeded to get pounded in the ass by airlines to the tune of an additional $800 in change fees and additional flights to get us home. Ended up paying over 2.5k for two round trip tickets.

fuck them, seriously.

The airlines just fuck you over every chance they get. So I’m dedicating myself to credit card hacking my $800 back and more. Fuck you airlines, from outrageous baggage fees for surfboards, then beating the shit of the surfboard to massive change fees.

It is my mission to never pay for another flight.

Step one, getting recent credit history again. All I need is one card reporting on my credit report, and I should be able to get approved for the good, high reward cards again.

Step two, apply for the first high rewards card.

Step three, get those rewards and free flights

Step four, fucking the airlines

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