I don’t even care about the user experience. I just care about me and my wellbeing. And that’s why I started using flexbox. See normally CSS, designs, and making things look perfect takes a couple CSS hacks, a few broken computers, and then it will probably still look like crap.

But now. There’s flexbox. Let’s say you want a unordered list to display all the li elements across the horizontally. This task might make a noobie like me want to crawl in a corner and cry. But now, I noobie like me can write two lines of code and that shit just works. It’s magical! Enough blabbering from my soap box, here’s the code.

ul { 
  display: flex;
li {
  margin: auto;

Yeah, it’s so freakin easy. Holy crap, thank you to the CSS3 gods who knew that the old way sucked ass!

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