Damn I'm Rusty Weekly Ruby Challenge

I am rusty. Rusty in a bad way. I haven’t really written Ruby in a long time. I mean I’m writing Ruby, but it’s all jambled up with Rails Code and Rails-isms. Which is great, until Rails is laying there on it’s death bed and only rookie programmers who have done bootcamps use it. I’d say that’s still far in the future, but I gotta know the underlying language like a boss. I gotta make Ruby my biiiiiiiatch, if you know what I mean.

I’m an Upcase subscriber. I really enjoy it and I always learn a lot.

On Upcase they have these challenges, Ruby Challenges. And damn, they’re challenging. It has shown me how rusty I am with Ruby and everything Ruby. How can I call myself a Ruby developer if I’m so rusty with Ruby? If I can’t even work with strings and arrays and shit. When I don’t know how to solve the most common things from memory? Over the last 5 months, I’ve taken the time to build up one big project from within Rails. The experience of learning ActiveRecord and everything that comes with rails has been invaluable. But I’ve left my Ruby skills on the shelf to collect freakin DUST.

How is it possible to learn it all?

Let’s talk about Principles again! When I encountered these Ruby Challenges on Upcase, I had NO methodology for solving a complex problem. My methods were simply flawed.

I don’t think I’ve ever worked on something with so much dedication and gotten seemlingly so little out of it.

But how can I keep up my Ruby skills? Questions. I thought about doing more challenges. But who knows…

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