Objectives For the Summer

I’m headed to Tennessee in a week. I’m going to use this time to create a couple web applications and make ends meet with other income. At the same time I want to continue to learn about coding and being better. This means being consistent in learning. I want to go back to the VIM and TMUX tracks to ensure I’m taking fair advantage of them. I’ve recently made some chagnes to vim that will make coding much more enjoyable. Things like auto complete of variable names, auto closing of {}, (), [], “, ”“, and ”. It also will close def and end method definitions AND place my cursor within the definition when I hit carriage return. LIKE A BOSS!

So going forward… 1) Relearn VIM and TMUX with cheat sheets to commit more commands to memory 2) Finish off the Design Trail in Upcase 3) Finish off the advanced querying trail in Upcase 4) Start to learn React Native 5) Create an App that uses Web Sockets to Understand Web Sockets 6) Start Developing with Rails 5, Burbon, Bitters Front end styling, ReactJS for front end interactivity and lastly ReactNative for Phone applications. 7) Test Driven Development ONLY 8) Take a Deeper Dive into ReactRouter 9) Research a better way of integrating React into Rails without having it so fucked up like I had it on my clash of clans website

That’s a solid start.

I think it’d be worthwhile to make friends with a designer. Someone who’s good with Photoshop or Illustrator that can create wire-frames. Then I could punch in the CSS required to make it happen. That’s how Michael Anderson does it at his company. I don’t really want to become a web designer, but you know, it’d be good to get better at. Why make a beautiful backend if you can’t create a beautiful front end?

Maybe I could attend a meetup and help a noob.

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