Create an Emoji in Ms Ruby

Hi Y'all!

It’s code for life’s girlfriend and I’m taking over today. Code for life taught me how to code and let me tell ya–it wasn’t easy! It’s kinda amazing how easy he makes it look. Today, we just did the basics, soI learned how to create some adoable emojis! it was really fun. I hope you all have fun reading this blog..I think it’s a great outlet and relateable source for all coders a like! Y'all would be lying if you said that you never get frustrated with programs such as Ruby or Rails. I am really proud of him for self-teaching himself all these different coding techniques. You should all be really proud of yourselves. Whenever i tell people what my boyfriend does,a response along the lines of “what does that mean” usually is said. Now that i’ve been able to learn more about the “coding world” I definitely have learned a lot and am so happy to have someone who not only is smart but also sexyy!!

"\u{1f469}" "\u{1f3fb}"


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