contributing to open source

Contributing to Open Source IS DAUNTING for noobs. The potential landmines out there in this arena is huge. It’s not easy. I don’t care what anyone says. They come up with all these tutorials on how to do it, but they all suck. They all be confusing. Noobs have about a 5% chance of understanding. That’s even if you understand how to even fix a problem. But anyways, I figured it out.

Here are the steps…

  1. Fork the Original Repostory
  2. Clone your newly forked repository locally
  3. Create a feature branch git checkout -b do-readme-versions
  4. Make the changes
  5. Commit the changes
  6. Push the changes to your forked repository’s branch. git push origin do-readme-versions
  7. Navigate to your forked repository and create a pull request(there should be a button to do so, “recently updated branches”)
  8. Submit your pull request and wait for them to destroy your soul!

It’s critical To stay in line with the original repository, to do this, you’ll need to add the original repository as an upstream.

git remote add upstream

Adds an upstream.

git remote -v

Lists all remotes, can be used to check the upstream remote’s existance.

git fetch upstream

Fetches the lastest upstream.

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