Clear the Crap! Year End Purge

I feel good when I wind down projects. I want projects that earn me money. If a project isn’t earning money, well why should it be on my mind?

I ended a lot of stuff. a statistics website a random blog I wrote in

I will take the lessons I’ve learned creating these websites and roll them into the new year withou having to worry about maintaining them. Blogging IS SO MUCH WORK. ALL THE BLOGGERS WHO SAY WRITE A BLOG … IT IS YES, AN ENTICING IDEA, BUT DAMN IT IS A LOT OF WORK AND IF YOU DON’T LOVE IT IT IS NOT POSSIBLE TO SUCCEED.

It’s so interesting this idea. Blogger A becomes super successful writing a blog. Then says hey, you can make money writing a blog! They offer course to person who wants to make money writing a blog, but they really forgot that they were successful because they were passionate about the subject matter as well.

Same stuff with life coaches. That’s another animal.

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