all i need to know about rvm (upgrading ruby and rails version)

Gemsets, rvm, upgrading rails version, ALL THIS SHIT that you only need to do once and a while but when you do, ITS FUCKING DIFFICULT TO WRITE WHAT THE FUCK YOU NEED TO DO. So I have written this shithole blog post THAT WILL HELP NO ONE BUT MYSELF.

RVM stands for Ruby Version Manager. It manages Ruby versions, but it can also manage Rails versions with Gemsets.

Important Commands

rvm list

lists all installed ruby versions

rvm list gemsets

lists all gemsets

rvm install ruby 2.3.1

installs a new version of ruby.

upgrade RVM itself

rvm get stable

rvm gemset create rails rails500beta4

rvm use 2.3.1@rails500beta4 –default

gem install rails -v 5.0.0.beta4

creates a new gemset and installs the newest rails version

rvm 2.3.0@rails500beta4

To start using the newly created gemset rails version

rvm use 2.3.1@rails500beta4 –default

set default gemset and use it

rvm –default use 2.1.1

Set Default Ruby Version

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